MUST Haves for your Pop Up Shop this summer!

MUST Haves for your Pop Up Shop this summer!


Hey, small biz rockstars! Summer is heating up, and it's time to make some serious upgrades with your pop-up shop game.
Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, we've got the BEST must-haves that'll take your small business to the next level!
Let's dive into the ultimate pop-up shop essentials!
  1. Unique/Bright Tablecloths: Let's face it, plain tables are so yesterday. Everyone has the same tired white tight market table clothes! Dress them up in style with unique tablecloths that scream "look at me!" Add a cute colored runner! Go for bold, vibrant colors, or even sparkles if you're feeling extra glam. I consistently get complimented on my iridescent tablecloths! It DRAWS customers in! More customers mean more opportunities for a sale!

  2. Square Pay Card Reader: Forget fumbling with cash or missing out on sales because you don't take plastic. The Square Pay Card Reader is your ticket to smooth and speedy transactions. It's sleek, portable, and oh-so-easy to use. Trust me, this little gadget will be your new best friend. download the app and get to swiping honey! They can be found at major department stores and online! Customers want to swipe, and you are more likely to gain sales with more payment options!

  3. Sale Converting Free Samples: Want to create an army of loyal fans? Give your booth visitors a taste of what you've got with free samples! I always try to create free samples and gifts for my customers. Whether it's a bite-sized treat, a luxurious lotion, or a sample fragrance, let customers experience your products firsthand. Once they've had a taste, they'll be hooked and ready to whip out their wallets for more. Free samples? More like free marketing magic! And make sure you ask them to follow your socials so that sample can later be converted to an online sale!

  4. Custom, BRIGHT AND CLEAR Signage: Don't settle for boring signs that blend into the background. Your signage needs to be unique, and bold as your business. Embrace eye-catching colors, witty slogans, and fonts that scream personality! You do NOT want to blend in with all the other booths! Draw those curious shoppers in with signage that demands attention and leaves them dying to know what's inside your fabulous pop-up shop. I recommend designing at least a 3x4ft (4x6ft is better) on Canva and have them print it or take you file to Office Depot for a more affordable SAME day printing source! Customizing your brand helps a lot! And customers can tell when you've put your love into some products! 

  5. Killer Displays: Prepare for jaws to drop when customers see your killer displays. Showcase your products like the works of art they are. Get creative with props, lighting, decorate with tapestries, rugs, signs and show your creativity and passion for your brand! Remember, it's about creating an experience with your shoppers. You want them to remember you and your brand! 

  6. Instagrammable Moments: Let's face it, if it's not on Instagram, did it even happen? Create Instagrammable moments within your pop-up shop that'll have customers scrambling for their phones. Set up a photo booth area with quirky props, vibrant backdrops, and your brand's logo. Encourage customers to snap, tag, and share with a customized hashtag. Watch your online presence skyrocket while your pop-up shop becomes the talk of the town. Definitely print out your IG QR code and have it ready so that customers can connect with you online!

  7. Stand up & SAY HELLO: One of the major turn-offs customers experience is the feeling that the business owner doesn't care if they come to their booth or not. Do not spend a majority of your time on your phone, hiding behind your table or avoiding interactions. I know Social Anxiety is a very real thing and maybe its very difficult to interact, but if you make your booth look inviting, feel inviting and have a price listed on items alot of times customers will be so impressed with the shopper experience that just a simple smile or standing up, showing you are ready to connect is enough! You want to be welcoming, friendly and have all of your prices and FAQS ready to go! Customers usually all ask the same questions: "Whats your instagram?" "What items are custom/handmade" "Is this okay for kids to use" Practice your FAQS and that will help you feel more prepared with engagement. Customers at times can feel anxious approaching a booth as well. SO! Stand up, smile and say hello! This shows pride for your brand and respect towards your awesome customers! 

  8. General List of Must Haves:
  • Hooks/rope/bungee cords to hold up signs,
  • business cards (You can get 50 for $5 with same day printing at Office Depot!
  • Custom posters (Design on Canva, print and buy acrylic table signs ($5 at Walmart!),
  • Instagram/social media QR code plaques or signs,
  • Cashapp/venmo set up,
  • Pop up chairs to sit on, bottles of water,
  • Merchandise bags (Buy in bulk from amazon),
  • Acrylic/Wood/Metal display stands, Organizer bins for excess inventory,
  • Emergency charging block,
  • Sun Wall for tent (Especially important if it's over 75 Degrees FH outside,
  • Snacks (Fruit, protein bars, something that won't give you the ITIS/make you sleepy/sluggish),
  • Order forms (Sometimes customers want to ship items keep print out of order forms for on-the-spot sales),
  • Small organizers to hold inventory (hit the dollar tree for these), 
  • Change/extra cash for cash payments.
  • Decor (Tapestries, plants, rugs, lighting and more to kind of spice up the shopper's experience!
  • A portable speaker (Play classics, pop music and songs everyone knows and loves! Spotify has great curated playlists! DO NOT play stuff you just like personally, you want to be able to reach everyone. I like to play pop, TikTok songs and throw backs! This draws customers in)
  • Custom packaging (If you sell accessories) always brand your stuff when you can!
  • If you sell clothing, have cellophane bags and merchandise bags so customers don't get anything dirty!
Alright, small biz trailblazers, it's time to unleash your pop-up shop swag this summer! From awesome set up designs, to having multiple payment options, these must-haves will have you slaying the pop-up shop game like a boss.
Embrace your brand and get out there!
And remember to have FUN (& network ;) !)
- CEO, Planet Euphoria
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