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Biotin Botanical Lash Serum

Biotin Botanical Lash Serum

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It’s a brand new and specially formulated lash serum! 
Infused with aloe vera, castor oil, biotin, collagen, vitamin e, almond oil and sunflower oil to nourish your lashes and promote soft skin, follicles and growth! 

Introducing our Botanical Lash Serum - the perfect solution for longer, thicker and healthier lashes! Infused with a unique blend of natural ingredients, this lash serum is formulated to nourish, condition and promote lash growth.

Our serum is packed with aloe vera, which is known for its soothing properties and ability to protect and strengthen hair follicles. Castor oil, another key ingredient, contains ricinoleic acid, which can stimulate hair growth and improve the overall health of your lashes. Additionally, biotin and collagen work together to provide vital nutrients that promote lash growth and thickness.

Vitamin E, almond oil and sunflower oil provide powerful antioxidants that protect and hydrate lashes, while also preventing breakage and brittleness. These nourishing oils also work to improve lash texture and help prevent lash fallout.

Our Botanical Lash Serum is easy to use and gentle on your eyes. Simply apply a small amount to your lash line every night before bed, and let the serum work its magic while you sleep. Over time, you'll notice fuller, longer and more voluminous lashes that will have you feeling confident and beautiful.

Experience the power of natural ingredients with our Botanical Lash Serum, and say goodbye to short, brittle lashes for good!


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